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A lady who works in Jewish kindergardens came to teach us about passover.


On Tuesday the 13th of November, 2013 a lady who works in Jewish kindergardens  came in to talk about the Jewish passover. She brought in some food to put on a special plate. The food was:

Red lettuce, parsley, boiled egg, horse raddish, salt water, wine, charoset, un-levened bread and the lambs bone.We all got to try some and thought it was very nice. The lady who works in Jewish kindergardens read  us a story about when Moses freed the Israelites from the slavery by the Egyptians. She also talked about how they left a spare seat for their version of Jesus.

The salt water represents the salty tears of the Israelites, the bitter herbs represent the bitterness of the slavery.The charoset represents the morter the slaves used on the bricks. the boiled egg represents the hardness of the slavery before they were freed, the wine represents the blood of the Israelites. The lambs bone represents the lamb that they killed before the death angel came over the houses. Last but not least the un-levened bread represents when they were escaping they didn’t have enough time for it to rise.