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Continental Market!


This week and next week, we are going to be doing a continental market. If you are wondering, what a continental market is, it is where the class gets into small groups and chooses a country and makes that country the background of there stall. Then they will decide what kind of food is in that country, and they will go and make that food at home. Some of the countries are :

America, Brazil, Italy, India, China, Spain and many more. Year 4/5 will be holding theirs on Friday 24th of March 2014.  Every child will be asked to make and bring in one of the items of the food from the country.

We will also be making posters to advertise our stores and stick them around the school.  If you can, please ask your parents to come in and help out with warming up the food  and setting up the store.  Also bring clothes in to suit your country.

We hope you enjoy eating and selling the food, but most importantly having fun!

Written by Esther Evans-Mudie and Neamh Davison

bing your good quality books


On Friday 23rd of March all the school are recommended to bring in read books that are still in good condition. two or three at the most,but make sure that they are a sutible age group, but not to young therefore the whole class will be reading them. Thankyou for your donations.

Milly Sutcliffe and Neamh Davison

Do you want another school trip?


In year 4/5 in our Topic we have been working on the Romans, what they wore, what they ate and what the reginal army did.We were wondering if you want you want to pay  money for your children to go to a musium on a school trip  about the Romans. Mr Conway wants your thoughts on the hole thing so please get back to him on this.


On Friday the 7th of March year 4/5 started to write a script/play about the Passover meal. We have been doing the Passover in RE and Mr Conway decided to make it fun after all the writing . He showed us a short clip from Sunday Brunch he also showed us how the two presenters bounced off each other asking different questions to the guest. We had lots of things in our RE book so we mag-pied from them. At the end we videoed some that were good and we acted out the things that were wrote on the script. We all had a really good time in RE this week.

Pictures will follow for this next week.

By Neamh Davison

World Book Day in Year 4/5


On Thursday in year 4/5 we had a World Book Day,  everyone dressed up as someone from a book, everybody enjoyed it. Every class decided to do lots of work about books. Also every class started learning about different auther, in our class we learnt about Anthony Horowitz. At the begining of the day we started writting a story that could be about anything we wanted to. Later on we were either drawing a book mark on our favorite book or we could write a book review. After lunch all the classes went into the hall to have a catwalk to show off our costumes. After every class had done it the three judges, Mrs Mcerrow, Mrs Locke and Mrs Darlton picked the winners of the cat walk. They were:

Olivia as a Oompa Loompa(KS 2), Leo as Harry Potter(KS 1), Lenny as cat in the hat(KS 2) and Arora asSam I am(KS 1). Finally we all got to read to the younger children in Mrs Goodchild’s class.

Pictures will follow

By Esther Evans-Mudie