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Changing Materials Day at Notre Dame


We have had a fantastic day at Notre Dame ELC investigating chemical and physical changes of materials. We began by sorting different properties of materials and finding out about dissolving. We then carried out some mini investigations into different changes.

Popping Candy!

Do you know what makes popping candy pop? It is the sugar dissolving in your mouth and releasing the carbon dioxide bubbles trapped inside. Do you think we likes the sensation of the popping on our tongue?

photo 1 photo 2

Citric Acid + Bicarbonate of Soda

We started by using litmus paper to check the ph level of the citric acid. This was 9. Then we added the bicarbonate of soda and stood back to watch the explosion! There was lots of foam which was created by mixing the two materials. The foam was made by carbon dioxide. Finally, we looked at the ph of the new mixture and found that it had gone down to 7. This was because the bicarb was the opposite of acid (alkaline) and it neutralised the acid.

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Fun Snaps!

Have you ever used a fun snap? They make the little snap sound because there is a tiny amount of an explosive inside (silver fulminate)! This explodes when it is thrown as the other little rocks cause friction.

photo 1



Have you ever noticed that 1p and 2p coins become very tarnished with copper oxide. Well we can remove this tarnish (caused by oxidisation) with a solution of salt and vinegar. If you want the coin to stay clean you have to wash it otherwise a green layer called  verdigris will form on the coin.

photo 3 photo 1

Carbon Dioxide Powered Mini Rockets!

We finished the day by using the bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice experiment to power mini rockets. We used the carbon dioxide gas to push lids off little containers (these were our rockets). Through trial and improvement, we were able to get our lids to travel more than 7 meters!

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Day 2 at Hollowford


Another fantastic and very busy day at Hollowford.  After a delicious cooked breakfast, two groups set off to a local reservoir for some canoeing, while the rest of the children stayed on site to experience the low and high ropes courses. We were impressed by their teamwork and determination to succeed.

The afternoon saw half of us setting off from the centre on a challenging walk to the top of Mam Tor.  Three and a half hours later, we arrived back feeling very proud as everyone had pushed themselves and completed the challenge.  Fabulous views and ice creams on the way down certainly helped.  Meanwhile, the others had enjoyed their time canoeing.

Tonight, the children have been relaxing around the centre and spending their money at the gift shop. We are just about to settle down to watch the England game. Another late night!

They will all have exciting tales to tell when they get home tomorrow. Hopefully, they will all sleep well!blog 1 blog 2 blog 3 blog 4

Our First Day


This morning we had a fantastic visit to Treak Cliff Cavern where our guides took us down into the depths of this unique Derbyshire cave. The children were superb, asking some fabulously interesting questions.

Following this, we took a leisurely stroll to the Hollowford Centre where we were meeted and greeted by our amazing staff. Main attractions of the afternoon and evening were archery, rock scrambling and raft building…

A great time was had by all and miraculously everybody was in bed by ten… (ish)

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Afternoon Tea at All Saints School


Today, our winners from the enterprise project went to present their ideas to the Assistant Headteacher at All Saints school.

We began by explaining our ideas. We then had afternoon tea (two cream cakes each!).


We were each presented with a winners’ certificate.


Next step is pulling it all together and making our smoothies and crepes for the summer fair on 15th July. Lets hope the weather is good! 🙂

Y5 Liturgy for Pentecost


Yesterday, we met up with the Y5 children from St Marie’s to hold a liturgy to celebrate Pentecost. We met up at St William’s church and worked together to write our own liturgy. We included our performances from More than Dance, wrote our own prayers, produced our own focal point and identified ways the Holy Spirit is with us today. We had a great day.

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Understanding what happens when water changes state.


Yesterday, in science, we were learning about how water changes state. We took the temperature of a glass of very icy water and spotted how the temperature fell quite a bit at first and then it started to rise again. This was because the ice was using the energy in the warm water to melt.  Then, once the ice had melted, the water temperature rose to room temperature.

We also spotted that the outside of our glass was covered in tiny droplets of water. This is because the water vapour in the warm air had turned back into liquid water when it had hit the glass and cooled down. This process is called condensation.

Changing State BBC Video Clip

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