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Dear All,

It pains me to say it but I have been in our cupboard and in among some vintage sandwiches (euccch!) and socks I dug out the stuff you have brought in for the longboats… We didn’t get to make them at the end of last term but will this week…

So our mission is to turn this ( longboat)

into this( model-long-boat-and-oars (1))

It must be possible I guess…



Dear all,

This week we are working on biography and in particular the life of Sheffield’s finest, Michael Palin… If you could do a spot of research on him and his life and times and present this would really help you… Any work or PowerPoints would be welcome and placed on our wonderful blog…

Alternatively you might want to make yourself a deceased  parrot..

In maths we are working on fractions and adding, subtracting and multiplying… If you use this link it would help you…  and look to download the relevant sheets…

Hope this helps… And a special big thanks to Aine and Connor for bringing in The Smiths CD! It sounds brilliant.

Mr Conway


Thank You


Dear All,

As you know this has been my last day in this class as I will be moving into Year 4 next week. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this class on their journey of learning discovery. I hope I have done the class justice and helped them reach their full potential. I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support throughout this time and especially for supporting the trip to the Jorvik Centre. The parents, children and staff have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

If anybody needs anything I will never be far away. After all, I am only moving next door!

Mr Crabtree


Mr Crabtree is leaving… A celebration


Dear All (and Freddie),

Sadly Mr Crabtree is leaving us and to commemorate this tragic event we are having a party.. Although this may seem to be a juxtaposition of sentiment (‘a bit weird’ to you Oscar) we ask you to bring any of the following items… If you possibly could…

Sandwiches, crisps (esp. weird flavours), onion bhajjis, fizzy drinks, Fine Italian wine (for Mr Conway), strange little sausages, paper plates, any jolly singalong songs by The Smiths or Radiohead and anything else you think would make a jolly good party…

In the light of the party our making a longboat has been suspended until next week… If any other class asks this is not a party, it is a social gathering involving testing of edible substances and movement to depressing music…

Thanks for your eternal patience,

Mr Conway


Mr Crabtree is looking to his service of distinguished honour (that means being good Thomas)

Clean Cloakroom


Recently, some children have been leaving the cloakroom in an untidy state. We have decided to leap into action and to create some posters to be laminated and stuck on the walls. We feel it is important that we take pride in our cloakroom.

While they are not finished check out some of the cool works in progress.





Mr Crabtree and Mr Conway

Measuring in Maths


In Maths we have been learning about measurement and yesterday we focused on capacity. After being shown a litre the children were challenged to bring their teacher 10 mililitres of water. While nobody was spot on, some got very close and thankfully no spillages occurred!


Mr Crabtree and Mr Conway