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Where the Wild Things are…


Dear all,

You have produced some absolutely fabulous work based around Where the Wild Things Are and we have put together a display… But the thing is we still have room for a little more and that’s where you come in… As part of this weeks homework I want you to describe in two or three paragraphs about your Wild Thing. What does it look like? What is its habitat and who is it’s mortal enemy are just some of the questions you could ask.. Anybody who creates or draws their won 3-d or drawn version of a Wild Thing will be praised royally..

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Spellings for Thursday

fasten, language, listener, forty, jostle, sincere, whistling, parliament, wrestler and identity


a-picture1 worlds_shortest_train

Have a look at this… What do you think it might be? The answer involves a thing with wheels that has a compartment for bikes and people who think they are first class types…

Design a timetable from Sheffield to go to three different locations… Now think of three challenging questions you could pose with answers provided…

I WILL MARK YOUR BOOKS THIS WEEK as some were not marked… Bad leg stopped play.

Bless your animals…

Today myself and the nasty iphone eating evil puglet will be heading off to see Father Cooke at St. Williams at 4pm for a very special animal blessing. So if you have anything unmanageable in the house (although Mrs Conway and Natalie are presently away) why not bring them along!

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img_1952-1 img_1956



Best wishes,

Mr Conway

All Homework due in for Tuesday or Wednesday at latest



Homework is still beautiful.


Happy weekend!

Spellings for Thursday

comfortable, miserable, enjoyable, reliable, adorable, sacrifice, immediate, leisure, soldier, queue.


Round these numbers to the nearest 100, 1000 and 10000

349, 000,

476, 934

985, 549

Write out two rules for rounding numbers and any key vocabulary you have been using.


Look at the pictures below… Write a sentence for each in the active and passive voice  (We will be covering this in English this week).


Click to access active.pdf

as a guidance if you need.



If all homework could be completed by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest I would appreciate it.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Mr Conway 


Homework is surely the most beautiful thing in the universe…


Dear all,

Just a reminder of this weeks homework…


terrible, legible, sensible, reversible, credible, profession, signature, system, vegetable, variety.


Design two word problems of your own where you show you are able to add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits showing and explaining how you work these out… If you wish these may be multi-step problems. The most creative problems will win a prize of enormous proportions.


What do we mean by standard and non-standard English? Can you write a couple of sentences and explain a situation why we might be using one or the other…

20160916_10402320160916_105007 20160916_105139 20160916_105413

Here we can witness a selection of some very fabulous children having just completed some really brilliant examples of describing Roman Numerals!

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Hello and a Big Welcome!


Dear all,

It’s great to be back! Genuinely! With a wonderful fresh new class… Last week we made a rather awesome start with some science based around investigative learning…

a-pic-2 a-pic-4 a-pic-5 a-pic-6 a-pic-3

More information will follow now that we’ve got the blog up and running..

Next weeks maths will be based around place value in exciting six part lessons so it may well be a great idea if you rehearse ordering and moving around those numbers up to your millions and involving decimals. 


a-pic2 a-pic-1

Both myself and Mr friend Mr Marshall have also stopped a minute from combing our hair and are working on Roman Numerals this week. By Thursday we would like you to produce an a4 fact sheet on these in any way you wish…


In English we are working on our class book Aurbrey and the Terrible Yoot… I would like you to come up with five interesting facts about the author, Horatio Clare by next Wednesday as we work towards writing a diary entry…

All best wishes and forza Roma!

Mr Conway