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We are rockin’ Movember Moustashes!



Upgraded Mr Conway with upgraded Mini

Dear all,

I’m working on growing a huge Tom Selleck (ask your mums or grannies) moustashe to raise money for cancer. On Friday 25th I would also invite you to come in with your own moustashes and a donation if you wish! In the meantime why not send pictures of you and your family with moustashes and we will blog these!

I’m also hobbling around on the 10k for CAFOD tomorrow morning so why not come to throw things or sponsor!

Have a great weekend

Mr Conway

Our Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot world beating assembly..




I have both these costumes at home and am available for advice..


Update…. Some of your wonderful parents were asking what to wear… It really doesn’t matter but if we could aim for something similar to this…

Dear All,

Hope you are having a fabulous holiday. The exciting news is that it is our assembly the first week back on Friday 4th and because of this I have been working on a script and hope to go with something similar to this!

If you get the time have a read over what’s here and think of a part you would like to try out for and let me know. The Dierdre and Ethel parts are for boys but I am absolutely easy on who gets what otherwise. In the meantime if you dig out your ruffs and Guy Fawkes pointy hats!

If anybody knows anybody who can help me out with a dance routine (seriously!)… I was thinking Diamond Dogs by Bowie plus or anything you can think of..

Dear all,

So far we will be going with…

Sofia – Sir Everard

Esther – Robert Catesby

Joseph – Klytus

Ellie Spray – King James

Charlie S – Ethel

Iris – John Wright

Sadie – Dierdre

Polly – Bobby Buckle

Patrick – Thomas Wintour..

There is plenty more out there so let me know!

Best Mr Conway 


Updated 1st November, 2016

Year 5 win Golden Broom (obvs….)


It had to happen sooner or later. As you know Mr Conway is the cleanest most organised person in this universe or parallel one and so we were destined with our terrific class to win this special prize. Mr Elliot, a gentleman with impeccable taste chose our cloakroom and class because of its “esoterically sublime metaphorical beauty sending out a message of divine joy and cleanliness”. Mr Truby also agreed saying, “You know them boys and girls of Year Five. They dun’ good”…

Have a fabulous holiday.

20161021_1202591  picture1

I was happy in the haze of a happening hour and heaven knows its homework now


Dear all,

Hows life?


intelligent, necessary, frequent, interrupt, obedient, recommend, ancient, occur, innocent and bargain.


Gabriel (piano) and Patrick (synthesiser and triangle) form a highly rated pop group entitled No Direction… After one week they sell 66 49 of their first download entitled  Sympathy for the Squirrel. 

Raging with jealousy Olivia and Polly release their own song entitled  The Sound of the Crowd (at Primark) . This sells 39 00 copies. Without using column subtraction give me an answer of who sold more and what mental strategies you could use.

Putting aside their differences the two acts decide to put on a show outside on the grass. Mini Sadler sells 5544 tickets and then puts rows of chairs in groups of nine… How many rows will she have to put out and how do you know?


Patrick and Gabriel are managed by Mr Conway 

Creating a project

So what’s your favourite thing of all time… Unless its toe nail clippings from 1972 – 2016 or anything to do with Bridget Jones or that dreadful Bakeoff programme I’d like you to design a project which will be presented to the class on the first week back. I don’t mind you using PowerPoint or even mime but it must be exciting! You can work on your own or in pairs and I hope you see this as an exciting way of compiling research…

I look forward to hearing from you.

All best wishes for a fine weekend,

images  4339724751_61c21f7d9b_z

Mr Conway 

Mrs Barnes is so amazing at teaching science she makes Brian Cox looks like Brian Blessed



Today Mr Conway (see above) became incredibly happy when he realised that Mrs Barnes had generously offered her time to teach all about the heart. Wow! We learned loads about ventricles and veins and thousands and millions of other great facts…

A really great big thanks to Mrs Barnes who was so lovely she even resisted the temptation to drop a balloon on Oliver…


picture1  picture3 picture4 picture5

Homework is more popular than the Beatles….It will never shrink and die…



Dear fabulous learner people…


Next week we are going to be exploring poetry and music and that sort of thing. Your task is to write a critique about your favourite or least favourite piece of music and tell me exactly why it is so wonderful or not. Ideally I would like to see a couple of paragraphs on this.


Complete some word problems based around these sums

8,202 – 210

12,726 – 10,563

10,980 – 9,810

15,794 – 3,837

If you would like to create your own multi-step subtraction sum this would also be most awesome…


understandably, opportunity, comfortably, yacht, terribly, relevant, responsibly, sincerely, suitably, suggest.

Last weeks spellings of fasten etc will be completed next week on Monday because we had to rather rush to finish Christmas cards! I do apologise!


All the best for a fabulous weekend,

Mr Conway