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Dear all,

Really sorry this is later than expected.. I left the computer in school after the disco and have only just recovered it.


Create a bar chart with a very specific title and generate three challenging questions of your own with answers…


Ancient, excellent, especially, hindrance, recommend, secretary, accommodate, soldier, yacht and shoulder.

Science/ Topic

Which device or invention over the last hundred years do you think has been the most important or significant. Could you explain why you have made the choice and write five facts about it.

In the meantime take a look at these rather magnificent pictures from our science visit…

All best wishes,

Mr Conway



Dear all,

I can’t go on… It’s all rather emotional because my i phone has died but more tragically Napoli have beaten Roma so I’m undergoing a perpetual sulk… Why? Why? I get that Sheffield Wednesday won which is good and that the other team might still exist but whhhhyyyy? Why did we have to lose?…


Anyway… We are going to mix it up again this term with the spellings to make them relevant… So here goes…



achieve, awkward, bargain, bruise, communicate, controversy, definite
desperate, determined and disastrous
Some of these have featured before but I want to keep things with words we use in everyday usage…
We are looking at fractions.. And how they can be compared. Complete…
Our topic this term is based around the theme of  ‘What’s just so interesting about sport around the world?’ To kick the subject off I would like to research a personal sporting heroine or hero… Present this in any way you want (although interpretive dance may be a reach)
Have a fabulous weekend,
Mr Conway
Ps. Why oh why?
Thank you Mr Allen for these sublime shots! They look fab..

World Book Day


Today it has to be said was utterly wonderful and Mrs Dalton organised a superb event enjoyed by all. Here are some rather wonderful pictures of the children in our class. Wow… Parents you certainly are a stylish bunch who understand fashion… If you could possibly have a word with Mrs Conway…

dsc_8844 img_4982 img_4983 img_4990 img_4994 img_4998 img_4998 img_4999 img_5004 img_5005 img_5006 img_5007 img_4999 img_5004 img_5005 picture2 picture1 img_5011-1 img_5009 img_5007 dsc_8844