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Hollowford is (still) incredible! But golly jeepers so is homework!


Dear all,


Blimey it’s been getting hot in Year Five recently. Last week I brought a fan in but sadly Mrs Conway (illustrated) has banned me from it leaving the house… Does anybody else have a fan they might lend our class?

Mrs Conway bossing around her poor innocent husband. 



Basil Fawlty-Bothersome has written a letter to Castleton Council suggesting the following…

Dear Sir,

Over the past years I have had to suffer the Hollowford Centre and its inhabitants and now I have to express my anger and frustration. 

They are really insufferable with their noise and random children running around ‘enjoying themselves’ whilst scaring the sheep and my wife Ethel who nearly ran over one of them in her Range Rover on the way home to Hope… It nearly put a dint in her car… I would strongly urge you to close the centre and the surrounding children’s playground and football pitch. Children should be seen and not heard. Hollowford should be heard of no more. Perhaps you might consider turning the grounds into a car park for tourists or a branch of Morrisons.

Enough is enough… Get rid of this heinous place and those disruptive children.

Yours sincerely,

Basil Fawlty-Bothersome

Your mission is to write a persuasive letter using some of the phrases below and add some of your own;

In my opinion… I suggest… I would strongly argue… It is evident… In conclusion… Evidence suggests…




criminal, comical, delicious, ambitious, suspicious, malicious, fictitious, infectious, mechanical, spherical



Hollowford latest pictures

Just to let you our Hollowford experience was really absolutely incredible and here is just a small snap shot from our time here…

If anybody wants to add to these please email me some of your photographs.

All best wishes,

Mr Conway




As per information newsletter to appear on here tomorrow!

Business enterprise

Liase with your groups to present your All Saints business project on this Monday or Tuesday depending on your preference!

This should include costings and an indication of how you are to spend your ten pounds and any posters and publicity material.

Think about those questions on the business plan Mr Marshall shared …

Have a great weekend!



Max and Jacob hit Roma!


Two top lads from St Wilfrid’s had an important job to take join their family friend Paul yesterday as he was ordained Deacon in St Paul’s outside the walls. Today they  had the privilege of going into St. Peter’s Basilica to go with their family to see Paul be involved in his first mass as deacon – in one of the smaller alters in the Basilica – something they won’t forget!

They also saw this rather fantastic city and its eternally wonderful football team.

Forza the Boltons!





Homework and a smorgasbord of stuff..


Dear all,

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! Just to make life more exciting here I enclose a drop of homework and other things…

Here’s Zahid coming into Year Five to present an inspirational  talk about Islam and peace to Year 5 in Faith Week!

And here are some genius Rangoli patterns produced by our class in the same week based on the work we did on Hinduism.

Esther from Sheffield and Iris from some place called Hunters Bar created this on some fellow who they thought was ‘inspirational’.

Some naughty people attacked my car with scandalous and totally untrue graffiti.

Polly was put in charge of guarding Mrs Dalton’s son… Mrs Dalton was put in charge of guarding Mr Marshall… Mr Marshall was put in charge of not falling off Mr Conway’s bike.. Mr Marshall completed an epic fail.

We had these fabulous people from the university who came and explained all about the brain…



Write three sentences of fact and three of opinion based on the image below…


What do we learn by the term quadrilateral? Give two examples using the terms vertex, edge, parallel and rotational symmetry.



actor activity
action exportable
important deportable
porter scripted
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