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Passion Play


Not long to go now!

Please, Please, Please practice your lines – no script tomorrow!


I would like everybody to please wear black/dark grey leggings/trousers and black/dark t-shirt. Please wear plain, dark pumps/shoes on your feet.

If you can, please bring these tomorrow in a named bag to change into for our dress rehearsal.

Children with specific parts will have additional items to go over the top which will be provided by school.

Miss Cheetham

Science with St Thomas


We have had an amazing time conducting lots of different experiments on microbes. On Monday, Miss Cheetham and Mr Richardson were really sneaky and infected us during playtime with glo-gel. We could only tell using a UV light. We experimented with the best way to wash our hands to get rid of microbes. 

On Friday, we tested the best way to prevent the spread of microbes through sneezes. It turns out we should use a tissue because sneezes can travel a long way if you don’t cover them and they can be quite messy if you sneeze into your hand!

We also tried to race yeast to see which mixture would grow the quickest, but we found it very tricky to get the experiment to work. That’s science for you! Some mixture did finally grow by the end of lunchtime but it needed lots of time and warmth.

We finished by conducting a piece of very important research for a University. We collected swabs from the places we thought would contain the most microbes and they will be sent off and our classes will be named in the final research report!

Here we are at the end of the day:

Trips next week


Please can parents let me know via email if they can volunteer to help on any of the trips next week. We need at least 2 volunteers on each day.

Monday:  9.00 until 2.00

Tuesday: 12.00 until 3.00

Friday: 9.00 until 3.30

Thank you for all the support you can give.

Miss Cheetham

Passion Play


On the last day of term, Year 5 will be performing the Passion Play. All Y5 children will be taking part. The children have been asked to attend practices after school on Monday 3.30-4.30. Please can as many children as possible attend this as we do not have many weeks left.

The following is the current version of the play, we have not finalised which parts children will have. Some children know which parts they will be playing and know which parts to practice. Please support your children in learning their lines. I will upload the final version as soon as we have finalised the parts.

Passion Play 09.03.18

Many thanks,

Miss Cheetham and Mr Conway

Snow Day Homework


As I’m sure you can all appreciate, closing school means we will be missing out on several hours of learning time. In response to this I would like the children to choose from the following tasks to complete at home.

  • Build a snowman (or snow animal if you would like a challenge!)
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Have a hot chocolate (added marshmallows are essential!)
  • Make a snow angel
  • Go sledging
  • Watch Frozen

All children MUST have some fun!

Remember to keep safe and wrap up warm.

Miss Cheetham x