Year 4/5 Update


We started our day with some book chat and discussed some of the reading challenges that were completed before Easter. The children enjoyed talking about their posters and taking questions from the rest of the class. It was lovely to hear what they have been reading. We still have some more posters to go through and will continue to do that next week. We will also continue to share our reading recommendations.

In maths, the year 5s are continuing their work on decimals and we have been using our known facts of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to help us with our decimal place value. The year 4s are continuing their work on the number system and patterns.

In English, we are continuing to focus on the grammar that we will need for our newspaper report. Today, we focused on semi-colons. We will be writing our own newspaper reports on Thursday. I am already excited about reading them!

In PSHE, we learnt about respect. We discussed what it means to be respectful in class and around school. We discussed being respectful towards others, including our friends and teachers. We discussed the importance of respecting ourselves and respecting our belongings and equipment in school. We wrote little promise cards to decorate the classroom and to remind us of our school rule of being respectful. We have also introduced a new “worry box” for the children to put their worries in.

Best wishes,

Mrs Bruce

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